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Business Continuity & Crisis Management

We combine our specialist experience with our clients detailed knowledge of their business processes. Consequently our business continuity solutions establish a clear effects set of actions to be invoked in the event of an emergency in order to return to business as usual as quickly and efficiently as possible. The continued and correct functioning of vital business processes under all conditions is a prerequisite to the survival of our clients' enterprises. Disasters are not defined by their cause but by their impact. Time is a major factor. Speed of response, the accuracy of information and the quality of leadership are critical factors in handling major incidents. We identify the principal business activities and their associated critical processes, and highlight actions to be completed in priority order to ensure business survival. We estimate accurately the effects of a possible incident upon the business. The impact of the loss of critical processes and their maximum acceptable recovery times are analysed.

Potential losses are quantified. We devise a recovery strategy based upon agreed business objectives and prepare a global business continuity plan. We then work with individual functions within the company to develop and integrate subsidiary continuity plans. Responsibilities for invocation and execution of all these plans are devised. Training staff to respond effectively in the event of an incident, especially during times of stress, is vital to the success of the recovery process.

We devise, conduct and evaluate business continuity exercises; such training ranges from walk-throughs with key staff to full simulations and can be repeated on an on-going basis. Lessons learned are fed back into the Continuity plans must evolve and change with the business or they will become irrelevant and unworkable. By working with our clients we ensure validity of the plans and compatibility. Disasters will occur from time to time. We work with our clients to ensure they have in place a properly trained crisis response team to take firm control under such unfortunate circumstances. We then develop an implementation plan for the client, and provide technical project management assistance.

Corporate & IT Security

We offer a wide range of corporate and IT solutions.These include:-

  • IT Security Solutions
  • Penetration Testing
  • Personnel Security
  • Physical Security
  • Training and Awareness
  • Measurement

Project Management

We provide project management of information-technology related projects. Our project managers have been involved in various computerisation projects ranging from local area networks to large multi-platform wide area networks. We have developed IT strategy for corporations and advised on systems procurement and implementation. We have managed computer vendors in government departments as well as in multi-nationals.

Our Services

human resource management

We offer services in this broad area of work that entails working with organisations to help them overcome a variety of problems resulting from changes in the business environment or arising out of internal changes. [Read More]

Information Systems Consulting

We work in conjunction with auditors to review and enhance computer systems performance and security. [Read More]

Security & Business Intelligence

Our business continuity solutions establish a set of actions to be invoked in the event of an emergency in order to return to business as usual. [Read More]

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