We’re built differently

Adept Systems is a versatile boutique management consultancy firm. Established in 1994, we have horned the skill of providing tailor-made solutions to the vast number of clients that we serve.

We provide a full range of services that include Advisory Services, Compensation & Benefits, HR Services, and Talent Management. Our experience spans all sectors including: the manufacturing and service sectors, government departments and state corporations, development partners and non-governmental organisations (NGOs), social enterprises and not for profits (NFP), horticulture and agriculture, education, and founder managed and family run businesses.

Our team comprises of highly qualified and experienced consultants, and a large number of professional associates, both local and international, who can be called upon at short notice. It is our practice to have team members who have served in industry; hence we are able to apply a practical approach to consultancy assignments and recommend tested and proven solution.

  • While we are adept at what we do, we also learn every day, and we ensure that those we work with also learn every day. We also recognise that there is no solution that fits all because each organisation is unique. We therefore take time to understand your uniqueness, and work alongside your staff to optimise the quality and efficiency of both human and management systems By studying your organisation structure, workflow and volumes, we are able to assess the adequacy of current systems and staffing levels, and recommend changes as appropriate.

  • Our technical expertise is drawn from the various specialities of our staff and associates and this includes their qualifications and extensive experience both in industry and in consultancy.  It is complimented by strengths that include:

    • Our results orientation – we have a strong focus on delivering results.
    • Our versatility. We have a proven ability to work from your point of view, and in this manner, harness the extensive knowledge and skills that exist in your organisation. This way we deliver home-grown solutions and build the capacity of in-house personnel to independently undertake similar assignments in the future.
    • Our knowledge base. We have a keen understanding of the market place, acquired the vast number of sectors in which we work.

We work with the best people in the market in order to offer the best services to our clients.

Director/Human Resources Consultant

Sally Mukwana

Associate Director/Human Resources Consultant

Eva Kariuki

Senior Human Resources Consultant

Terry Ouma

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