Drones are our DNA

We’re a drone tech company characterized by aesthetic innovation to bring value in various aspects of business development, a registered entity under the Kenya company regulation act that was founded on April 30th, 2018.

Through an affiliation with Geoid Technologies, County Government, Next dynamics, Pula Advisors and Yesero Mugenyi Foundation, we have explored the current state and future possibilities of the use of unmanned aerial vehicles. Our enthusiasm in research and development has aided in our quest for crop monitoring, crop insurance, site inspection, energy, precision spraying in agriculture, surveying and mapping

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Our Strategic Objectives

Our drones provide a multitude of solutions people face every day and our aim is to provide a new dimension to our clients by ensuring what we give is premium regardless of the industry.


Provide innovative consumer reach solution; engaging a desired target audience for a high return on investment.


Embracing drone technology to bring efficacy in various aspects of business development.

Facts and Figures about Addrone Digital

We maintain a hands-on approach and our diverse experience allows us to stay up to date in a multi directional and rapidly changing industry.


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Completed Projects


Counties Operation


Country Operation

Our Partners

Our diverse fleet of drone platforms and experienced partners ensures that we have the right solution to meet our clients’ needs.

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