Policies & Procedures Development

We work with you to develop policies, and procedures necessary to ensure adherence to these policies. These are then presented in a manual.

Some of the assignments completed include:

  • Carried out a comprehensive review of pay policy and remuneration levels across the Ugandan Public Service. The study covered 100+ organisations. A new pay policy for public service organisations was designed, funding mechanisms were identified and the legal environment examined. Implementation guidelines were also developed.

  • Was one of the key facilitators in the development of a Policy Paper for the regulation of the microfinance sector in Kenya and the publishing of the Micro Finance Bill in Kenya.

  • Was a key contributor to the development of HRM policies and procedures for OBR (The Burundian Tax Authority)

  • We compiled the Human Resources and Administration Policies for this State Corporation ensuring that the policies are consistent with prevailing state and public sector laws and regulations.  This involved working very closely with the management team and the appropriate sub-committee of the Council.

  • Developed a human resources policies and procedures manual for this organisation. Activities included; reviewing and updating all documents relating to HR management and ensuring that they are in compliance to the laws in the three East African countries.

  • We reviewed and updated the policies and procedures for this company which leases/distributes gaming machines and also manages two casinos in Nairobi. Activities included the review of the company’s codes of conduct and existent policies and procedures, and updating these with respect to legal requirements and best industry practice.

  • We developed a HR policy and procedures manual for this start-up organization that ensured compliance with Kenya’s Employment Law, embodied current industry practice, was suited to the Company’s stage of development, was easy to refer to, and that could be easily updated as and when needed. This involved working closely with the management and Board.

  • We reviewed the benefits manual for the Nairobi appointed staff. Key tasks included updating the manual with the recent changes to employment law, updating some sections to reflect changes in the benefits offered by the Foundation and to put the manual into a more accessible and acceptable format.

  • The main objective of the consultancy was to develop Human Resource Management Policies, which are consistent with Kenyan and Tanzanian law, best industry practice and that would foster staff motivation, promote employee productivity and encourage staff retention.

  • Developed a human resources policies and procedures manual for this organisation. Activities included; reviewing all documents relating to HR management and updating and consolidating them as was necessary.

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