Recruitment & Selection

A core service we provide to our clients is recruitment and selection. Applying objectivity to the process ensures continued success and satisfied clients. In providing these services, we offer psychometric testing to include personality and aptitude testing and conduct competency based interviews.

We have a track record of providing high quality recruitment services across a variety of professions and levels of seniority. We hire heads of organisations, senior and middle level managers, technical personnel, marketers, sales personnel and support staff. Our clientele spans the whole spectrum of the Kenyan business and service sectors, including: the manufacturing and service sectors, government departments, state corporations and donor agencies.

Some of the assignments completed include:

  • Since early 2011, we have been providing recruitment services to Tullow Oil. Our work has involved preparation of adverts for the press and or websites, receiving applications, shortlisting, preparing shortlist summaries, provision of logistical support to the interview process and communication to the unsuccessful candidates. We have provided these services as per your requested process.

  • We begun work for this multinational organisation in early 2011 and the primary service we provide is shortlisting based on agreed criteria. For several high level positions, we have run assessment centres.

  • Unilever has been on our client list since the 1990’s; we have provided various services to this multinational sometimes working for the entire region. The provision of recruitment services has been a core service.

  • We assisted this multi-national organisation to recruit 33 Regional Medical Representatives at a go. This was a countrywide recruitment exercise and our work involved: shortlisting based on agreed criteria; setting up assessment centres in the three major cities i.e. Nairobi, Mombasa and Kisumu where we ran personality and aptitude tests and group discussions; running panel interviews for the finalists; and communication with unsuccessful candidates. We have also carried out other recruitment assignments for GlaxoSmithkline in the recent past.

  • We provided technical support in the recruitment of a Chief Executive Officer, Finance Manager, Programme Officer (Engineering) and Programme Officer (Sociologist). Our task was primarily to observe the process to ensure transparency and to provide advice on best practice. We were involved in the shortlisting, development of interview tools, psychometric testing and in the interviews.

  • We provided technical support in the recruitment of the management team including the Managing Director, Finance & Commercial Manager, Internal Auditor, Technical Services Manager, ICT Manager and HR & Admin Manager.

  • Working with Pinnacle Management Centre, SARL, we are carried out a recruitment exercise for this organisation that had recently restructured and was using this opportunity to upgrade skill. We were recruiting 32 staff in various levels and departments within the Authority. Tasks included preparation of the adverts, shortlisting, development and administration of technical tests, psychometric testing and oral interviews.

  • We assisted this State Corporation with the recruitment of 22 staff. Our task was to shortlist from over 3000 applications, develop and administer technical tests, conduct psychometric assessments and provide feedback to the client to facilitate their oral interviewing process.

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